Inseok Choi

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Keywords: camera obscura, temporariness, meditation, human figure, landscape, performative space, now-here

Initial and developing questions for the research: What does the question of "Having own/private/personal space in the US, especially in Chicago, in the art institution, as a privilege and an opportunity for sharing experiences?" mean to art-makers, especially to myself, as a non-American international student with limited status?
What is the relationship between me/person/individual/human-being(figure) and a space, and what does it look like?
What will be the difference/similarity between the space('now-here' moment) and documented materials(long-exposure photography, edited moving images)? Are they separated works, or should be a one body of work?

This project is an invitation to a magical moment, through transforming a studio into a meditation space. The only technique is the camera obscura technique, where everything is inverted. Audiences can absorb the city landscape through camera obscura without any machinery technology. To see the details, it needs time to adapt to a dim moment, which leads audiences to being a part of the landscape, in the camera obscura.

Through this project, a space can transform into different spaces. Possible ‘now-here’ scenes will roam over places with windows and spaces. It will invite viewers to experience scenes coming to the subject. Overall, it suggests alternative ways to visualize a relationship between human-being and landscape. _1300.jpg _1300.jpg copy.jpg