Inseok Choi

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서울가짜풍경 Fake Landscape in Seoul


기억 Memories

Many moving has changed my perspective. One of my places was demolished and reconstructed into an upscale pizzeria. Every time I go back to the places I lived, I feel I am a wandering ghost. What did I leave behind? Perhaps nothing. Places do not tell but show and keep changing. I can tell with showing. On bottom of my memory, I can smell a hint of capitalism and nationalism. These are what I saw and wanted to show.
We are ghosts of gentrification, 2016

Our place was demolished at once and reconstructed into an upscale pizzeria. The place we used to live became the center of gentrification reported on in the news. Sometimes we wandered around there like ghosts, looking for a piece of memory. Landscape_12_1000_v2.jpg
Wish Your Merry Christmas, 2015

A panoramic view of an empty underground shopping mall on Sunday morning. Landscape_11_1200 .jpg
The Fake Forest, ​2012

A wall around a construction site for tall buildings that symbolize a better life and future development. It is where the familiar old roads have
disappeared, and instead we see this fake forest that has replaced the living forest that had already been destroyed. People wait for someone while smoking against the backdrop of the fake forest. Landscape_3_1200_v2.jpg
Half of the Forest, ​2013

An inside view of a prestigious university in Seoul. A removable piece of the wall is erected in front of the building under construction. People are walking, paying no attention to their surroundings. Landscape_9_1200 .jpg
100 Million Won Per 3.3 Square Meters, 2​014

Jugong Apartment in Banpo-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul was the most expensive apartment in Seoul. As soon as the redevelopment project was
finalized, the transaction price exceeded 100 million Won (approximately 85,653 USD) per 3.3 square meters. The apartment, which was so expensive once, was demolished at such a rapid pace. More expensive apartments were built in the same spot. Landscape_17_1200 .jpg
Over the Palace, 2​013

Gyeongbokgung Palace, where the king lived during the Joseon Dynasty. There is a crane behind the wall of the Palace. Perhaps there will be a high-rise apartment built there that overlooks the palace. Landscape_14_1200 .jpg
Triple Layer of the City, 2​016

A crane rises in an imposing manner between the building and the large trees. Landscape_13_1000.jpg
Tree of the Soul of the Tenant Who Died in Reconstruction, 2016

Yongsan, central Seoul. The old building was forcibly demolished and a life-threatening accident occurred when police arrested a tenant. This fatal accident caused the tragic death of five people. An advertising sign read: ‘A chance to make the best profit in Seoul! Let's have a great life in an apartment built by the nation's top brand!" Landscape_20_1200 .jpg
The Way Home, 2​016

The rallies calling for the impeachment of former President,​ ​Park Geun-Hye​, were in full swing. The government remained silent, and police
officers and buses surrounded Gwanghwamun Square every day. Police videotaped and arrested protesters. The police buses filled the road forming seemingly endless walls, to threaten and isolate people in the middle of the city.
Promise to Change the World, 2​012

On a highway heading to Seoul, Park Geun-Hye's campaign truck passed by. The empty truck carried the slogan "Prepared Female President, A Country where Dreams Come True, A Promise to Change the World." Park Geun-Hye, who is the daughter of the dictator Park Chung-hee, a former president, was elected as the 18t​h​ President of the country. Landscape_5_1200 .jpg
Look at the Future, 2012

A few weeks after the presidential election, when Park Geun-Hye was elected as the 18​th President, the streets of Seoul seemed to be absolutely hopeless. Landscape_6_1200 .jpg
Thinking of You, 2013

The 16​th president, progressive Roh Moo-Hyun, committed suicide after completing his presidency. Four years later, there was a memorial service for him held in Seoul. A man walked up to a memorial and stopped there for a long time. He stared blankly at a life-sized cut out with a photograph of Roh Moo-hyun, a former president. Unlike most people, he neither took pictures nor bought Merchandise. He just stood there silently and idly and gazed at the picture. Landscape_8_1200 .jpg
Secret Bus Stop, ​2013

It is a stop that no one seems to use, but twice an hour the town-bus stops and people get on and off. A secret bus stop that is only available to people who know it. Landscape_19_1200 .jpg
The Day after election,​ ​2017

There was an uncollected campaign flag for the presidential election.
Tree of Love​, 2016

Everyone was praying their eternal love. 15-45_1200.jpg
Guard's Shirt, 2014

The main entrance to a high school where a certificate test was being held on a weekend. The guard's shirt was drying off in the intense sunlight. Landscape_15_1200 .jpg