Inseok Choi

Built with Indexhibit

Mediums: wood, acrylic paint, cast, identification tag, inkjet prints, plastic photo frame Dimensions: 17 x 17 x 33 inch, photo prints are variable Keywords: violence, masculinity, gesture, self-reproach

This project aims to examine how not to be at a deadlock(or be trapped in), and how to turn over negative experiences/expressions to 'better.' What is 'better'? Is 'better' good for me when making art? I do not have a clear answer yet, but I would like to discuss my work below.

I brought the hand caster I showed in the last critique, but differently. Additionally, I put more edited photographs of gestures from Mr.Yoon, the elected President of South Korea, and Donald Trump, without their body or face. Male gestures can contain intention, purpose, goal, and typically violence that brings masculinity. Those oppress and otherize people outside the men's world and force them to follow/obey male society. When the specific gestures become public, those affect and influence the public. Thus, it has become a trend moreover, culture. Regardless of the mass media calling Mr.Yoon as ‘K-Trump,’* I see similarities between the two individuals as characters and vanguards of political purpose.

I chose to call the wooden stand a container and my other body. Common point is endurance about/against violence. Two different paints on/inside the work mean ambiguity; which I used to project myself into white color as bright and positive; and conversely black color as bad, irrational, and uncontrollable which is leaking from inside of me. Still, I am questioning myself; Does color have any meaning in this work? Am I using stereotypes of color? Am I a fair person(and male) to talk about this topic? What is the limit of this project? How long can I hold and talk about this theme? Should there be an end? Furthermore, I borrowed an essential gesture from the current Korean feminism movement. The gesture talks to me. This is why I feel guilty as a Korean man, whether my behavior is typically masculine or not. I do not like Korean men; I am a Korean man; Therefore, I do not like myself. I might be a henchman of Korean men. Am I?

Through this work, I have been more joyful, but, at the same time, feeling self-reproach and sophomore slump(as a 2nd 'semester'). I still need to explain rather than let people see and feel the work(What if people do not understand or misunderstand me/my work?) And lastly, I have become more concerned about 'Less is more.’In short, this work has two points; one, it shifts my perspective from personal to broad, which could be the opposite of the last critique. Two, to find a balance between passionate and trapped.