Inseok Choi

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   Inseok Choi(pronounced 'IN-suk CHE') was born in Incheon, South Korea. Choi worked in a documentary/video production in Seoul. His work investigates resistance to anthropocentrism, androcentrism, and breaking down the metaphor for borders.

Artist Statement

   I have moved countless times since right after I was born, and moving has become a yearly event regardless of my want. I am a slow thinker/observer and have many emotions from space, so moving puts me in chaos occasionally. Through finding a story of space, I communicate with other beings and personal history, so I also have a special feeling about all the places I have lived. However, most places and communities do not exist anymore because of redevelopment. People, including my parents, are only interested in the potential real estate value of ‘my places as a history.’ Witnessing rapid redevelopment and replacement is heartbroken, and it has led me to want to be closer to the margins.

   I use photography to capture invisible stories and emotions of the margin and desire to be a bridge to deliver the invisibility rather than staying as an observer. My lens focuses on abandoned space and unprivileged beings, and my work naturally interrogates capitalism, nationalism, post-colonialism, androcentrism, and anthropocentrism.


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