Inseok Choi

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Through this work, I weave all the landscape surrounding me, primarily through moving experiences. From Chicago to Lafayette, Indiana, the last move gave me the impression of being a stranger and having a semi-middle-class experience in a different landscape. I contributed to single-family house landscaping, mainly through lawn care following HOA and the contract.

I destroyed a small ecosystem in my backyard weekly. Some grass were native plants. I saw fireflies, frogs, a toad, spiders, worms, bees, a rabbit, and many other small insects that I could not name. I felt they were watching me.

This work puts questions myself thinking about a relationship between myself and the landscape;
What does my labor towards landscape look like? How do I complete my landscape, and does the landscape affect/influence me? What will be after this landscape? Documenting the landscape through lens-based media could project possibilities to clarify environmentalism more personal way than vague ones.